Features of a Great Café

Features of a Great Café

If you own a café and you are looking to remodel, there are a few features you should put into consideration. Many people out there are always on the lookout for a great café that they can frequent. If your café does not meet the standard, you will find yourself not being able to retain customers. This article highlights a few features you should consider. Implementing this will help you maintain loyal customers and get referrals.


Music playing softly in the background is essential in a café. Some jazz music will create a calm and laid back environment. Playing the loud or the wrong kind of music in your café might completely ruin the atmosphere and create a disturbance.

Seating Area

Ensure the seating in your café is adequate and comfortable. Avoid rocky tables and chair, as this is a complete turn-off. The layout of your couches, chairs, tables, and the decor should be perfect.


Your café should have excellent mobile phone connectivity and reception. Your customers might get irritated after ordering a great cup of coffee only to discover the area they are seated in does not have mobile connectivity.

You can decide to provide your customers with free Wi-Fi. Ensure that it’s fast and stable. Limiting Wi-Fi connectivity for your customers is not recommended.

Offer Variety on the Menu

Apart from the usual coffee found in every café, try and have a variety of options on your menu; for example, have a vast selection of sandwiches, pastries and a few brands of non-caffeinated drinks.

It’s essential to ensure your employees are friendly and pleasant as this will put your customers at ease.

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